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    Installing Lights on Slash 4x4

    Hello. I could really use some help here. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    I am thinking of installing lights onto my Slash 4x4. I am going to mount the lights onto some RPM bumpers. I have links to them: Front Bumper, Front Bumper Lights, Rear Bumper, and the Lights for the Rear Bumper. The light housings will mount right up to the bumpers, but I have a few questions.

    1) Both the front and rear light housings fit a 3mm led. Does anyone know of any 3mm leds that come in sets of 4 or 2 that will plug into the stock reciever?

    2) Is there a way to make the rear lights go brighter when the brakes are applied?

    3) Is there a way to have the lights off while the truck is on?

    4) Do I need to look for red leds for the rear, or will it look red enough with white leds in the red housing?

    Sorry, I'm a noob when it comes to lighting. I haven't really done this before. Thanks.
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    I don't have it, but check this website out:

    The video on that page is for installation on a Slash with RPM bumpers and canisters:

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    I think Squeegie is steering you down the right path here. Unless you want and/or can handle a more complicated setup, using a kit like the UF7 is probably your best bet. I happen to be a self-proclaimed LED guru and can offer a few things for you to consider. A couple of questions please.

    First off, what type of batteries are you using? We need to know the voltage.
    What kind of RX/TX do you have?
    Can you do some soldering?


    Here are a few quick vids of my early projects just to get an idea of what's possible. The latest, more advanced LED install isn't quite ready to be revealed just yet. The possibilities are endless though.

    Can't post 2 videos so here's a second link to follow if you're interested.

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    RC Lighthouse sells light kits for the Slash 4x4 with RPM Light Canisters. Rears will need to be red, if you use a white LED, the light is kinda Pink.
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