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    LiPo dies after 2 min of using

    i bought a rustler vxl without knowing anyrhing about this car and i realised that i drove the rc until it loose its power by using it with the low voltage detection when i charge it completely and put it in the rc it takes 2min and the blinking red light starts and i lose all the power/speed (when i run it in low voltage dection). I think i ruined my lipo...what do you guys think about that? Is my lipo ruined or it could be another probleme?

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    when you ran it with low voltage detection off and lost its power then the charger shouldn't of been able to charge it. On the basis of it been ran down beyond low voltage, yes its ruined. being able to charge it at that state i'd also question the charger too. Unless the charger was tricked deliberately.
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