This just started, I have the standard Summit dual servo steering setup.

The steering servos hum when I first turn the system on.

Lift the vehicle off the ground and the humming stops.

Set the vehicle back down and the humming is still stopped.

Turn the steering either direction and the humming starts up again.

Flip the Summit over on it's back with everything turned on and no humming, remove screw at steering link on servo horn and it is perfectly aligned, screw drops right back in to the hole so there is no apparent misalignment that would cause the servos to "fight" each other at neutral.

I did a Google search and the results were confusing and contradictory. Some responses indicated something is out of alignment anytime there is a servo hum, others said if the servo hum goes away when the vehicle is lifted off the ground it's OK....e.g. more or less normal and just the servo trying to center the wheels.

If anyone has had the exact same symptoms with their Summit and has a solution, I'm all ears!