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    what is the difference between a sport maxx and a stadium maxx ?

    I have a sportmaxx 2 wheel drive with a 2 speed trans with reverse, I scored another 2 wheel drive truck that does not have reverse, would that be a stadium maxx because of no reverse ? just trying to learn all I can about the 2 wheel drive trucks, not a lot of info about them on the net, I find a lot of pics but no real specs, Steve

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    There was the Sportmaxx (5110) and the S-Maxx (5109). It's been a while but they were forward-oly with optional reverse may have been forward only.

    Use the Search button above for the model numbers provided.
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    5110 Sportmaxx - 2wd / forward only / single speed

    5109 Stadium Maxx - 2wd / forward only / two speed
    (also had "SportTraxx" knobby tires that were more track-inspired)
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