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    Remote box

    Been thinking of creating a box that goes around the remote, your hands to protect the remote from snow, and your hand from the cold. Would like a way to beat the box, but just blocking the wind and snow would help a lot. Any ideas on what to Use? My struggle is figuring out something to seal off where your arms go inside the box. Thinking of using a elastic like material and putting my arms through, but not sure if it'll work. Any ideas are much appreciated! - Zach

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    You could do this with a fabric and glue a rubber band that fits the small hole to the end of the tabs (or loop the fabric around the rubber band and sew it to itself). which will definitely create a snug fit and easy arm movement. Plus its light weight. As for heat, I used to have a pair of socks that were heated with a long thin wire that ran down both sides for the sock for hunting. I don't know if it would have the btu to heat the box but it would also be a light weight option. Just remember heat rises so whatever you do try and get it under your hands, not above it.
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