Hey I bought a slayer pro about 3 weeks ago and has been a blast for my first nitro first hobby grade rc. Only problem, I guess is that I brake something or something goes out of wack every other run. I guess that comes with the territory. Anyways the first thing to break was the steering servo, weíll technically the second. I replaced it with protek t100 and its very responsive but sometimes the wheels will just turn one way or another if I come to a stop. The steering was wanting to turn slightly left, the trim was set straight. I turn the wheels straight then removed the steering linkage, reset the trim then put it back together. That helped a little but I will have to adjust the linkage longer than the recommended length thatís in the manual.

Last night I installed center differential, rear brake, heavy clutch, front vented disc. So this morning I was finally able to get the slipper clutch adjusted right. Last night the rear drive shaft fell out of the sleeve and I just pushed it back in.

This morning I notice all the wheels are wobbling badly and more so at high speeds.