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    Motor Recommendation?

    I know what you're thinking... "another motor thread??" But this one is specifically for my scenario. I understand that the higher the Kv, the faster, but less torque. For my Merv, I'm considering getting the Castle Sidewinder V2 W 5700kv and the Castle Sidewinder V2 W 4600kv. I run my Merv on about 60% grass, 10% concrete, and 30% dirt track. Which motor would you recommend?


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    I feel like you'll be happy with the higher kv, but honestly with that range of surfaces either one would work fine.

    If you were specifically picking a motor to run on ONE surface, it would be a lot easier. Since you're looking for a jack of all trades, I don't think you really need to consider kv much here honestly.

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    For grass, go with the 4600kv no question. You can still get 40mph on 2 cells on road, but with much lower temps and longer run times on grass.

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