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    First time RC truck owner: What to check before I drive X-Maxx?

    I'm a long time RC airplane and helicopter flyer; however, I'm about to receive my X-Maxx today, my first RC ground vehicle of any kind. What should I check before my first drive with the X-Maxx? Any other advice?
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    Nothing should be needed but a set of charged batteries
    If you want check screws and wheel nuts
    change pinion to the 46t gear >check mesh

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    I wouldn't change anything just yet. I would just go through and check as many screws/nuts as you can for tightness. Then, I would read the owners' manual (front to back) for a lot of good valuable information...go online and read that owners manual too. They are both different from each other. Then, I'd go outside and let'er rip to see how things work out.
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    The Xmaxx is pretty forgiving for something as big and fast as it is. Enjoy!

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    Charge the batteries and take it for a drive. Truck is ready to run. Cant hurt to check the wheel nuts as mentioned above but thats about it. Once you drive it, you can make adjustments based on your skill and comfort level.
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    After you get used to the power and speed, try swapping the front and rear diffs. It makes the truck much more responsive to steering inputs. Cost is free.

    The rear springs are way way too soft. Stock are 1.0 rate springs. 1.4 or 1.5 rate spring set and 50wt shock oil will help keep the rear of the truck from violently slamming off of the ground on just about any jump. If jumping over 6 feet high def get the 1.5 rate. Springs and oil cost aboutn20$

    If you jump a lot or have any high speed cartwheels, check the shock shafts. They can bend. Ultimate engineering makes a TiNi shaft set for about 22$ if you do bend a stock one. Cheaper than trx TiNi shafts.

    Ive broke a lower and upper front bulkhead, and a steering link also. This was from crazy big air crashes so you probably wont need to much if you keep clear of solid stationary objects. Go drive it and see what happens.
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    I always check wheel nuts. I have had a few major name brand rigs come out of the box with hand tight wheel nuts.

    Also, check as many screws as possible for tightness, especially pinion grub screw. I personally will change out all my fluids (Shock Oil, diff fluid) to the brand of Oil I prefer but that is not necessary. Check gear mesh and charge batteries. Lastly, I will make sure the tires Toe and Camber are good and make sure the servo(s) have the tires pointing straight forward and have no binding. Most of this is similar to a pre-flight check for a plane or heli.
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