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    Traxxas Summit 1/10. Ground Clearance issue and Squating

    Hello, i just got my new traxxas summit about a week ago. I love the truck, however, where i live at in michigan, there is alot of snow. And the summit is a beast in the snow. But it squats big time! If i lift up on the bottom of the truck, it haz the potential to sit up much higher. So i tried adjusting the shocks, i did manage to get it to sit up higher, which enabled the summit to easily plow through much more snow. But when i was messing with them, i loosend the shock and when it compressed a some of shock oil squirted out the little hole. Im pretty new to this so bare with like to know how to get the best possible ground clearance to prevent bottoming out in the snow. What do i need to do, and how do i do so properly? And im pretty sure my shocks are now all adjusted differently, so id like to know the proper way of fixing that and making them all equal agian

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    On my summit what I did was bought new front springs. I believe they are orange (spring rate) witch is stiffer then the factory rear ones. Plus brought the lower pushrods in a notch.

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    You can always just swap springs front to rear. Give it a go and see what you think.
    Changing the rear springs to the double orange front springs is pretty much standard when you get a Summit.

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    Buy a orange set of springs. They do make a difference installing the orange ones in the rear and a cheap fix with some adjustment.

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    Just buy some double orange springs for the rear. I did that and It helped a lot.
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