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    What do the letter/numbers F1 F2 F3 F4 A1 A2 mean?

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    They are for programming the transmitter buttons using the transmitter itself. A2 is the right shoulder button which is factory set as air brakes & can't be changed. A1 is the left shoulder (trick) button & F1=single flips, F2=triple flips, F3=quintuple (5) flips & F4 sets the left button as airbrakes making both buttons act as airbrakes. You are better off downloading the Flight Link app & changing the settings that way - far more options & user friendly interface.

    Here's the Traxxas instructions for programming the TX with the TX. They don't even mention F4 but that sets the left button to airbrakes:

    And here's an overview of the flight link app:

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