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    Hot Racing Aluminum Transmission Review

    Hey guys, for the last week I have been running a hot racing all aluminum transmission. Ive deiced to write this review since I couldn't find much information about it, and decided to bite the bullet and be the guinea pig. So here we go.

    The good:
    The transmission is all aluminum or aluminum motor plate and plastic housing depending on which one you get. The motor plate for both have heat sinks to help cool the motor, and the motor is exposed to allow more air flow over it. All of this combined, my VXL on 3s with 13/54 gearing saw a drop from 160 degrees to 90. Major drop which could drop further will a full cover heat sink and some arctic silver thermal paste. Best stuff for computers out there in my experience.

    The bad:
    The transmission doesn't come with any instructions and you are left on your own. It is pretty straight forward for the most part, but the bumper mounting is pretty confusing and took me a while. And one of the bolts for the bumper mount actually bent after my first run, so my bumper was left crooked. Not really a surprise considering is only supported on one side. I may drill the hole bigger and put in a bigger screw, but for now im going to leave it. Another thing is the arms where the A arms mount are separate and you have to attach them. Only thing is, one of the screws are a bit long and actually poke out into the hole where you attach the screws from the bottom on and and prevent you from running a screw in on the bottom. Also when you screw the shock tower back to the chassis the holes don't line up with the transmission. Not really a big deal, it seems to work fine without the screws, but still. Last, they don't sell the motor plate separate so if you bend you have to by a new transmission. At least the motor plate is the same on both versions so if you have a full aluminum one you can by a second plastic one for the aluminum motor plate.

    Final thoughts:
    Overall despite the many many flaws that this transmission has, its still a decent upgrade. It adds a little bit extra weight so stiffer springs help, but it does help with temps which is good if you live in the dessert. And if your someone who is good at figuring out how to assemble stuff and don't mind having less screws on your truck than you did before, I actually would recommend this. Just make sure you use some blue loctite when assembling it. Next week i will review their double up slipper clutch hub along with their carbon fiber pads, and possibly their sealed diff if I decide to buy one.
    P.S sorry for any grammar mistakes, I slept through all years of high school.
    Hope you guys enjoy.

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    That stinks that you can't get the plate separate if you mess yours up. The whole unit isn't cheap.

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