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    Selling my Revo 3.3

    Hello all!
    New member here! Raised up from the grave after my RC intrest was at the lowest.
    I'm now sitting here with my Revo 3.3 besides me (5309) I got this car around 2011.
    After the break in and a few hours of pure fun, i desided to SELL my engine! Just because i did'nt like the 3.3 on this truck, for me, it was to weak. So my plan was to get a Picco engine. But long story short, it did'nt happen, the truck got stored in my basement, and now a few day earler i fell in love with RC again but, i want a E-revo instead. I want that easy battery changing thing and just drive. And i can't lie, 6S on a E-revo is a total monster! Litlerly. So my big question is.
    Im sitting here with my Revo 3.3 that i havent seen for that long time, with no engine, How much do you guys think it's valued?

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    Well price of a complete brand new one is $500. To get that one back up and running you’ll need an engine $120. Not sure if you have the radio still or all the ez start stuff, exhaust? I’d start at 50% of new price so that’s down to $250 but since no engine that’s another 120 off the 250 price so now your down to around $130. I’ll admit it looks like it could be worth a little more than 50% of new because it looks like good condition but it’ll probably need new battery pack for receiver and if it has older radio with the iPhone 30 pin dock on the bottom that’s not worth much to me either. I’d rather have the newer Bluetooth radio. Maybe worth $150 Or if I was looking for a revo I probably wouldn’t pay much more than $150 for it. I don’t feel like the revo 3.3 is very sought after rc anymore although I have one and like it but like you I think I’d like the E revo better these days.

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