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    Will it be too much

    With the traxxas rally 1/10 Will the Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro ESC + NC1406 5700kv Extreme Motor Combo running on 3s standard pinion and spur to start with

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    Without bullet proofing the drivetrain, I’d say yes it will be too much. Depending on if you have the 1st gen Rally or the new one, your options are limited. If you have 1st gen, you could do MIP X-Duty axles. I spoke to them today though. Unless there is a big interest, they don’t plan on making for the new gen Rally. The 1st gen was just lucky it shared the A-arms with the slash. Otherwise they would not have made a specific set for the Rally. Anyway, if you ha e 1st gen, the MIP’s are the first thing I would do if you’re going to power up to that level. Next would be an HD slipper unit with 32 pitch Spur (you’ll need a 32 pitch pinion then as well. Stock Slash gear ratio would be fine). Lastly, I would probably also swap the derlin spur for a metal one. This is primarily a preference thing though. Some people like a derlin spur as an easily repairable/replaceable failure point in the driveline when you’re putting that much power to it. If you have the new gen Rally, I just don’t think the plastic axles are going to be able to deal with that power over time. If you don’t mind buying a few spare sets and working on your car relatively often, I’d say go for it. It’ll be a hoot, but you’re definitely going to tear stuff up.

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