I got my Nitro Slash last month with no problems until 2 days ago. I put after run oil in my carburetor 2 days ago. I tried to start my Slash yesterday, but it would not work. I adjusted the high speed needle 1/4 clockwise, as I read that higher nitro content requires a turn in the needle. I'm using 30% nitro.

I also took the cooling head off yesterday to apply some after run oil on the piston head. I had some trouble today with fuel leaking out of the bottom part of the head due to the head not being tight enough. I also turned the HSN 1/4 counter-clockwise afterwards (restoring factory settings).

Apparently my glow plug burnt out, so I installed a new one (EZ Starter showed a glow plug failure) today. I started it up today, and it made this odd scratchy sound, and seemed weak. I took the head off again and put it back on. I started it up an hour ago, and it seemed kinda weak. It wasn't doing wheelies anymore. Then, I flipped it over, and the engine quit. Kinda normal to me, or so it seemed.

I then tried to start it again, but for some reason, the EZ-starter's glow plug light was not lighting up, showing a glow plug failure.

What's the problem? I have no idea what is going on. My engine sounds odd, and now I have a second possible failed glow plug? What should I do?