Ive had my LaTrax Alias for around 3-4 years now. Today, I had a pretty good first run with expert mode in it, but I have felt like for a long time that whenever I pitch down to go forward, the quad just dives, not allowing me to go forward for long without crashing. About my batteries, I plug them into the charger, it says they are fully charged. Go to fly them out, I hear the beep beep beep (low charge tone). I use is the original battery that came with it and 2 MaxAmp 800mAh 40c 1 cell LiPo packs. One MaxAmp is maybe a little younger than my Alias, and the other I got recently, but I still get short runtimes. Could it maybe be a defect in the Flight Control Board? Or is it that I have crappy/old batteries and charger? Or maybe that I am delusional. I really don't know.