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    Go big or go home

    So I caved and went brushless. Swapped the olí 775 for an MXL6s with the 2200kv motor on a 65t spur. My question is whatís the biggest LiPo(3s, 4s, etc) I can put in there w/o having to mod the frame. I saw videos on YouTube with Summits on 6s and I keeping wondering, how? Iím open to any good ideas though of how to in order to accommodate a bigger battery but I just donít know how. Iím currently running 2s 7600mah 20c 7.4v batteries and would want something that would give more kick. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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    I have traxxas 3s that fit, and I just bought some 50c 3s lipos that also fit-Gens i believe
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    I too am running the MXL-6s brushless power system in my Summit. The only other mod I have done at the moment is install the Traxxas 5352R Heavy-Duty Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit as well. I am still running the stock 68t spur gear. I will be installing a single Hitec RCD HS-7950TH Mega Torque Ti Gear Digital Servo and a Castle Creations CC Bec 2.0 15A Max Output WaterProof unit to power the servo at 7.4v in the near future. I was thinking about purchasing some 3s lipos but I already have 2 sets of SPC 8250mah packs that I cannot afford not to use when I go out on the trails. I run the 2 2s packs in series to get 4s and that gives me a decent top speed. At if you run 2 3s packs you might need to replace your tires sooner then later if you are still running the stock tires. I am looking to upgrade my tires/wheels eventually if you have any recommendations.

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