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    New Slash 4x4 Lost Steering

    Hi All

    I've got a reasonably new Slash 4x4 and while i had it out recently the steering has completely died.

    The run before this one I did notice the steering was being a little weird / unresponsive however now its just entirely cooked.

    I've opened the servo and the gears look fine, it turns freely by hand.

    I've plugged the servo in the throttle receiver port and still no movement on moving the throttle control.

    Is it likely that the servo has died prematurely for some reason?

    I havent taken it into water or anything, just seems unusual.

    Any other ideas much appreciated



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    That does seem odd. I would suggest giving Traxxas Support a call and see if they can troubleshoot it.

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    You gave the servo throttle?

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