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    New 1/10 Rally Owner.

    Hey all,
    Thanks for your patience, what are the immediate upgrades a Rally needs?
    1/10 Rally.

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    The Traxxas Slash 4x4 Slipper. The stock unit on the Rally is garbage. The Slash 4x4 unit is 32 pitch spur versus the 48 pitch on the stock rally tho, so you'll also need a new pinion gear in 32 pitch to match it. Also, the Brushed motor is completely anemic. I drove the car twice with it and then immediately ordered a Castle Mamba X SCT 3800kv motor and esc combo. If you do upgrade the motor and esc, I would then highly suggest ditching the stock plastic driveshaft in favor of the aluminum Slash 4x4 driveshaft. Basically, all the Slash 4x4 LCG upgrade parts are compatible, except the A-Arms. The new Rally uses shorter, Telluride based ones.

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    A arms... what can I put on, and what parts will I also need to upgrade for the a arms to work? Thanks for the help!!

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    I have a Rally and never broke it for couple years, I'm not seeing any reason to upgrade any shafts/arms unless you upgrade the esc-motor or you break things.

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