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    Question Does Traxxas as a new Xmaxx for 2018?

    Does Traxxas as a new Xmaxx for 2018?

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    At least not with a Max6 I suppose ...

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    Version #1 being the 6S and version #2 being the 8S are the only 2 I know of. Version 1 had an update where they added a jumper wire but I don’t consider that as a full fledged version change?

    They’ve come up with a completely new body for 2018. This year they’ve partnered with Snap On again except it’s a completely different lid. Lol, it’s the actual SO full size van with a working lift gate. I imagine I’ll have to figure out a way to add one to my Traxxas Snap On collection.

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    Talks of an erevo with xmaxx parts... which is so overdue it's ridiculous, my erevo can't go 10 minutes without wrecking a diff.

    Also a new 1/7 solid axle scale trophy truck has been talked about

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    And a Bronco TRX-4

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    Digging the new Revo tires. Much more aggressive than the talons... And... Metal drive shafts? Freaking sweet. Tired of my buds glowing about their kraton drive lines haha.

    No reason for a new design of the xmaxx. They got so much right mechanically on v2. Now solving electronics bugs. My happiness level with Traxxas is increasing exponentially...
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