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Thread: Upgraded Radio

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    Upgraded Radio


    I've gone through a few radio replacements on my ultimate slash 4x4 because of runaways. Eventually solved it by just dumping the TQI and going with another brand for all my surface RCs

    Have TQi's been improved over the last few years? For the size and price of the UDR, I would hate to have a runway.

    Anyone planning on getting a UDR and a new radio (along with a D-Box)?

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    I personally have never had any issues with the TQi Radios. Range is amazing and for a basic radio, it does great. I do have a 4PX, but really don't plan on switching over when I get my UDR.
    Slash Ultimate, HW XR8 SCT Pro/3660 SD-G2 4300 KV

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