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    Nope If you’re referring to traffic, we have right hand traffic like you...

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    Just got off the phone with Amain.

    my pre-order is #11, they have 80 UDRs on order from Traxxas, but still no ETA on when they are getting their bulk shipment.

    Traxxas's site now says late April

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeanTT View Post
    Picked mine up today. Iím in Dallas Texas and got the last one at HobbyTown on Mockingbird. They do have a display model but Iím not sure if they are allowed to sell it.

    Looking to putting it through its paces this weekend.
    Why did you do this to me. I wanted that one lol.
    Guess who's back.
    Back again.

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    From the desert racer scratch builder's perspective; I finally went out of my way to hit the lhs so I could put my hands on one of these, Fox truck. Easily gives any Axial rig a run for its $$$ in the scale department. The most realistic production rig made to date IMHO. They took a 1:1 and hit it with the shrink gun. Price: Firm at $800!!! I will wait to purchase one. It will, however, be nice when parts are available, I will be a beneficiary on that front. Hopefully Traxxas is learning from the first gen trucks on what to beef up or change materials as necessary. To its defense, I don't think this truck is built to bash, as you would "send" your Slash. The suspension is way too soft, and most notably the chassis slaps at full bump, unlike your Slash, which is engineered to bury the tires beyond the chassis pan. This equates to broken suspension pieces because something has to give when its bottomed out and the chassis isn't "slapping". Somebody needs to take it to the desert (or equivalent terrain) and put it thru the paces. Add a little preload to the rear so it sits flat, find ruts and whoops (6"-8" rollers for a good 100 yds, like the washes in the San Felipe 250 races) then be amazed at what it CAN do. 30-40 mph should be every bit worth the price of admission.

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    I get the scale approach and I think it's great but I would like to see a rear diff option. Looking at the drawings the spline on the driveshafts seem different and I don't see room in the rear housing for a front diff to be put in the rear. My Slash 4X4 came with a slipper and a center diff in the box. It would be nice to see that option available and let the user decide.

    Bill S.
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