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    VXL-6s Low Voltage Cutoff

    My vxl seems to be hitting the low voltage cutoff almost immediately on 2 x 2s

    I've tried several batteries:
    (2) 2s 5000mah 40c
    (2) 2s 5300mah 50c

    The batteries are fairly new and in good conditon. When I check the voltage after, they are reading 3.9-4.0v. I've used them on my Yeti Xl , savage and losi with no problems. All castle creations escs.

    Using 1 4s 5000mah 40c it runs for about 10minutes before hitting the lvc. When I recharge the battery, it is only putting about 2300mah back.

    It seems like the lvc on the vxl is a bit too sensitive. The C rating on the batteries should be sufficient, but it does look like the voltage is dropping enough to trigger the lvc. The Traxxas batteries are only 25c rated.

    Any one else having this problem? Any fixes, other than turning off lvc? Is my esc defective?

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    2 out 4 of my traxxas 4s 6700's do this. deep throttle pulls pushes it into LVD right away. happens on my xmaxx as well. i think my batts have a bad cell.

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    I like to keep a low voltage alarm plugged into my balance wire while hooked up to my RCs:, just like fourdub explained, if you do hard throttles, you can hear the alarm go off and then stop. You can just the LVC to what ever you want

    also i keep this with me after a run, to check each cell (cant remember where i bought it from)

    Looks like they have other models:

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