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    Exactly what the hobby needed

    This is exactly what the hobby needed , well done !!! Traxxas Rc lineup just keeps on getting better .

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    I agree, with the Trophy Truck Craze since the Baja Rey hit the market (Didn't really take off when the Yeti Score hit the Market), and the Traxxas being a much better design in my opinion, especially with the Dual Shocks per corner. This will be very popular. I wish a racing organization would create a Trophy Truck Desert race class now. Kraken has also released photos of their 5th Scale Trophy Truck as well. The Trophy Truck class is really taking off much like Trailer Crawlers.

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    We're starting a class at our track at the store. I guess that I'll have a head start, being that I've been running the demo out there for the last three weeks.
    Already had to replace the steering servo.

    There's about 4 other udr owners that I'm gonna get to hop in.

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