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    Question Stuck screws/parts

    I stripped a screw on My pinion and canít get it off pls help any tips

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    try to cut a slot in the top with a dremel or something to use a flat head screw driver to remove it or try to use a punch and back it out. I'd also recommend picking up some higher quality tools to try and prevent that in the future, pretty much everyone here uses the mip driver set.
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    I'd try to jam another tip in there, either a star-shaped screwdriver, or a small flathead, or maybe a metric hex driver if the screw is SAE (or SAE if the screw is metric). Some people say you can solder a hex driver to it and try to turn it that way, but I've never tried that. You'd have to pretty dang good with a solder iron to do that.

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    My first try at getting the screw out if it is stripped is going with the next larger size in standard. Most likely the screw has thread lock on it, so heating it up might help getting it loose. Worst cast you might have to cut the pinion off.
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    You can always try a size bigger allen. Try a good quality torx bit. A dremal with a cut off wheel (one of my personal favorite tools). A good quality left handled drill bit is great for theses sorts of things. You can always just drill the set screw out too.

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    Try Norseman drill and tool left hand drill bits, love them and they work really well and have always removed the broken or stripped bolt.

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