I have a couple of traxxas vehicle since before and have recently started going to my local race track witch is fun on the wintertime when all snow outside.

I have bringed both a slash 4x4 and a traxxas rally 1/16 and neither handle the high speed racing very well.

I was recomended to buy a pure racecar from diffrent brands but i've had enought with cars that broke all the time and i need to order parts from far away and just wait.

So i did oposit what they said and bought a 4-tec 2.0 traxxas.

I did buy the brushed version and then bought new sensored ecu and motor from *********, 7,5t engine.
I also bought a bmw m3 body finished and some roar aproved lipos.

The wheels is foam from china.

The first i did to the car when i recived it was to put a adjustable rod from the servo to be able to center the steering. Then i epoxy glued the front diff and removed the spacers from the shocks so the car went as low as possable.

After first try i found out the car was able to compete with the other purely racecar, it handles very well.

But it was very slippery and that was shown very obvius on the long straight.
I also used the included high speed 25t pinion witch was to low geared.

I have now changed the diff floud in the rear diff from stock 10k to 5k
I have bought a liqued you can put on the tires for more grip, dont know the english name on it.
I also did turn up the rear ving on the body for more downforce.
Then i bought a 28T pinion for it instead of the 25t

I have not yet tryed the car with the new modifications but im exited to see how it compete next time!

Is it anyone els here actually race this cars on the track and do you got any tips and tricks to get the most out of it?