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    LIPO and NIMH Question...Go Figure...

    If a NIMH batt has a similar voltage to a LIPO, lets say 7.4 volts...whats the advantage of a LIPO, besides less weight, in that case?

    Another thought...If I have a 9.6 volt NIMH, won't that be better than a 7.4 volt LIPO in regards to speed/power?

    MAH is MAH is MAH right? a 5,000 MAH LIPO won't last any longer than a 5,000 MAH NIMH....right?

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    LIPO and NIMH Question...Go Figure...

    Liops have much higher burst current therefore more punching power. If the voltage is the same you will achieve the same top speed.

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    I read a great comparison test....

    A 7 cell will have a 1 MPH advantage over a 7.4v lipo for the first 4 minutes.....then the NiMH power drops off. Even though a 7cell NiMH has a full volt advantage over the lipo, it only shows at the beginning before the NiMH power drops, where the lipo holds it's power throughout the whole run.

    I am switching over to lipo for everything as I am sick of taking a NiMH, charging it for an hour only to find out it needs cycling 3x to bring it back up to full power. I run Floureon 2s 5200's, they work excellent, charge at 1c in 25 minutes.

    If you google your question you will find the article I'm referring to which did a scientific comparison between the two. It was an excellent article!

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