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    Angry Random fly aways when hitting the home button

    I had a really close scare yesterday at the park. I had a GPS lock and I was doing some speed runs at the park and it got a little bit out of sight for me so I hit the return home button which then led my drone about 1 mile away. After calling it quits after looking for one hour I started driving home only to find it on my front porch. That wasn't the last place I had locked the GPS in. I've been told I should be updating my unit but I have yet to get a SD card. what does everybody else use to store their data? And has anybody else experienced random flyaways??? One of the scariest moments of my life

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    Did it land or crash on your front porch? I mean, one time when I hit return to home, my Aton when far away to where I initially set the home point. I pressed airbrakes, which was a really easy save, and I flew it back manually. Id try re-calibraiting the Compass for the GPS on the Traxxas Flight Link App, which if you don't have it, it is free on your smartphone.

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    The last update was in part to deal with that issue if I remember right? I did mine right out of the box and never any fly aways. You were fortunate that it remembered where home was... It truly returned to home .
    The slot on the board for the update is for a micro SD card, so you have to use that card format. I bought mine with the SD adapter and I keep that card set for only the Aton. Very easy to do and you should do it.
    As far as saving the update... I just keep it in a file marked for the Aton on my laptop.
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    Ten bucks says you powered it up on your porch, then flew somewhere else without powering down, so it remembered "home".
    And for sure update it if you haven't yet. Well worth it!

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