I’ve neglected my rally lately since I moved so I decided to get it out and add some parts that I’ve been meaning to install. What I’ve done so far is listed below, the sway bars and aluminum drive shaft were newly installed today.

Mamba X
Castle 4600kv sensored brushless motor
32p gearing, I think I’m at 14/54 currently but I can’t remember which spur I have in there
Aluminum driveshaft (and corresponding front hardened steel drive hub)
Traxxas 2075X servo (had this laying around from my trx4, seems more appropriate that a 2056)
Front and Rear Sway Bars (used the stiffer sway bars)
Castle motor fan
Basic lights

The sway bars greatly improved the handling of the car. It’s night and day, if you have one of these I highly suggest adding those, well worth the $25.

The motor runs a little hot, temps can break 160 if I’m pushing it hard. I’m swapping the castle fan for a traxxas fan to see if that helps, it seems like the traxxas fan blows more air. Since it’s sensored I’m going to program the esc to cut it off at 165 degrees. Open to feedback, that’s based off a google guess.

Overall the rally is a blast, I have a lot more fun driving it than I did my 4x4 slash. Of course it doesn’t go off-road like the slash, but I mostly keep this on pavement and flat dirt. May look at upgrading the shocks down the road but the next thing I’ll eventually do is add the adapter and some 1/8 wheels and tires like some of you all have done on here.

Thanks for the read!