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    Parts broken

    As to date I have had the receiver burn up and just today the esc stopped working. At closer look it seems the wires from the esc are burnt where they go into the receiver. I am very dissatisfied with this revo. I have the e revo brushless from 8 yrs ago. It has the momma package. No issues. As for the steering servos I would not buy there 2250 servo. Savox even though not water proof are proving to be better. And yes you can make it a single servo steering. Just need a high torque servo and heavy duty servo for normal things don't hit anything with the front end. You will likely bend the push rod. So in closing I have a $600 roller because they want $175 for an esc if you can even find one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finsterlee View Post
    Hi, I spoke to Hobbywing and they said I had to run a minimum of a 75c battery with the max8. Is anyone just using what they have? I can't buy new batteries too, and my son doesn't know of any 75c batteries that will fit in the 2.0. He may be wrong though. Thanks!!
    On the battery front, SMC has multiple 90c ones that are a perfect fit

    I have the 7200mah 3s ones in mine and they’re

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    I converted my v1 to a v2 with a slider. It had a broken axle carrier my first run, but I think it was already broke.

    I've been running HRB5000 3S and Hobbystar 6200mah 3S packs in it with the MXL-6S/2200kv from my v1. Still trying to figure out gearing.
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