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    Replace TRX-4 Raido with muitl functions with one button??

    Hello all,
    I just purchased a trx-4 kit, and wanted to know if I can program an Spektrum, or other radio to switch multiple servos with one button push. This is an example of how I might have it set up..

    button 1 – High gear, both differentials off
    button 2 – Low gear, one differentials on
    button 3 – Low gear, both differentials on

    Also, can I control the Sport, Race, Training, Trail and Crawling mode from a Spektrum radio, or should I just get the “Traxxas Link Wireless Module” and just use that?


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    I know this is a little late, but..

    As far as using another brand radio, you would just have to try it out, do some research etc.

    Changing the ESC mode can only be done at the esc (to switch between sport, race, training, trail, crawling), adding the wireless module to the Traxxas transmitter will not give you the ability to change the esc profiles remotely. However, if you decide to keep the TQi transmitter (which seems like fewer headaches vs making the switch to another radio & having to program everything), adding the wireless module would be a good idea. The wireless link allows much faster radio adjustments to fine tune the steering servo endpoints, steering & throttle expo, managing multiple Traxxas vehicles, etc. Using the app & module will also let you install the voltage/temperature sensor on the truck to read battery voltage & motor temps on your mobile device.

    In the Link app, you can remotely activate Training mode to be able to hand the transmitter to a new driver for practice, while leaving the esc profile (on the truck) in your favorite setting (example: I keep mine in trail mode most of the time for partial drag brake when off throttle), activating the training mode this way also lets you select any percentage of reduced throttle input, whereas the esc "training profile" is only 50%. If I have a new to r/c driver, I will set the training mode in the app between 35-40% to let them get used to how it handles/reacts to inputs. Then turn it up after a little while.

    Hope this was some help, even if it was a little delayed.. lol
    Good luck man!

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