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    Greetings fellow Atonists

    Hello all that fly the Aton. I am new to this Forum. I just got the Traxxas Aton and am having a lot of fun!
    I live in the Arlington Washington region. I have flow planes and heli for 51 years and have finaly turned to the dark side...the multi rotor, and what a blast!

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    Welcome to the group Bullrider !

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    I'm up in Stanwood.

    I just bought an Arrma outcast, drove it twice and was just bored. I don't race so I thought I'd be all into bashing but haven't drove RCs for a few years and now I just don't want to.

    Also, bought as dji Spark and flew it around a lot more in Sport mode and loved it but wanted something a lot faster so I just bought one of these Atons. Be here next week....excited.

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