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    6th Scale Vintage Monster Buggy

    Huy guys, diggin out my old 6th scale monster buggy and thinking about selling to someone who might want to get some fun out of it. Bought new years ago and raced twice. DNF each race due to a wood fence along the main straight. Seems a buggy with this much weight behind it breaks a front a-arm in a heartbeat. Bought replacement parts but in the package they still sit. It's never run through a single tank of gas yet.
    Anyway I'll take and post pics tomorrow but would like to get an idea how much I need to ask for it. Thanks, more info to come.

    For you youngins here is a link to what it is.

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    I am interested to see pictures if you still have it. I remember this buggy when it was just released.

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    Maybe $200 - 300 in broken status
    Might get 4 - 5 + auction on eBay

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