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    Rustler..which one?

    Which is the better truck. The rustler. Or the rustler vxl. Iíve read some reviews but still not sure..thanks

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    Well the VXL has a brushless motor and bearings as opposed to bushings. The VXL is a more advanced version of the Rustler (XL5)
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    Now that the 4x4 is out always get that

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    There are two versions of the of the brushed (XL5) Rustler, one (more expensive) comes with a charger and battery, and the other doesn't. Both of these have plastic (non-adjustable) suspension links and different wheels/tires.

    There is one version of the VXL Rustler available now, it is a brushless truck, and a lot faster than the XL5 versions. It is about $80 more, but has better hardware like the suspension. Both versions has has the same transmission.

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    Now that the 4x4 is out always get that
    Not necessarily, it depends on if the OP is looking for a 2WD or 4WD, and his budget. The cheapest 2WD Rustler is $170, the cheapest 4wd Rustler is $320.
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