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    Question Traxxas alias balancing

    I recently purchased a Traxxas alias drone and I'm having problems with rotors. Blades are ONLY spinning depending on how it is tilted left to right or front to back. I did a reset on controller, replacement of ALL motors. Very sad to say I have only flew four times thru 2 battery changes. Has anyone really solved this problem?

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    Apologies for the delay, will the quad attempt to lift off if enough throttle input is given? Reason I ask, is that the Alias might not power up all rotors at the same time if sitting on the ground (could seem level to you but the flight controller is very sensitive). Same goes for just holding it by the frame/chassis at low throttle, it will try to level out at low throttle without giving enough power to lift off. Also double check that the motors & rotors are positioned correctly in the frame A to A, B to B.

    Leave an update if you have one, and if it is still giving you troubles, leave some more details to exactly what it is doing.
    Good luck man!

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