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    Question Steering problem

    So a while back I was running my udr and I turned it off for a minute, but when I turned it back on it wouldn't steer, no sounds or anything when I turned the wheel, the throttle was working fine and still is. When I opened the transmitter box everything was fine and seated properly. Is it possible that my transmitter unbinded the steering function or will I have to buy a new steering servo?

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    You can test it by switching the plugs on CH1 and CH2. You know that CH2 works and if the servo is good it would work on CH2.

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    Before switching out anything, check if the connections are secure (servo to receiver connection or any damages in the servo wire), because sometimes vibrations from driving can loosen connections. If that doesn't work, then follow what Grizzly posted above ^.

    The idea of it is that since the throttle works, channel 2 on the receiver works fine, so you can plug the servo in to test whether it's the servo or channel 1. If the servo does not work in channel 2, then it is an issue with the servo (you will need to replace it). If the servo works, then it could be channel 1
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    This happened to me and I unplugged and plugged the servo back in and it has been fine.

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