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    Question Front Wheels are Getting way more power than Back wheels.

    My pretty much stock summit 1/10 scale has an immense amount of wheelspin in the front wheels but the rear wheels dont get as much power. This sadly results in not being able to use 2x 2s lipos because the front gets so much wheelspin that as it launches it spins out right away. So I am using the stock 3000 mah 7 cell nimh batteries. I also can't do wheelies cause if tryed the front wheels just spin. If I lift the rear wheels the summit will start to move but if i lift up the front wheels absoulutely nothing. Any suggestions on what to do or what the problem is?
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    Start at the wheels hubs and work your way in from there. If the axles are spinning on the inner wheels that could cause it. Could be the shafts broken or anything in that area. From there go to the diffs if everything looks good.

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    Check your rear drive shaft it may be damaged and the splines are slipping
    Giving you some power until the load overpowers it

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