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Thread: SD card issues

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    Question SD card issues

    Can somebody help me out, what kind of sd card should I be utalizing for my aton? Its not been updated and I had some catastrophic things go wrong (hope fully due to that very issue). Do I need to go through my pc to make the update or will the flight ap while blue toothed due? honestly any help is appreciated, this things going on the shelf until I can put that issue to bed. Its like a 60 mph 3 pound bullet when things go wrong lol Thanks in advance guys and fly responsibly! or don't either way god bless!...

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    The update is done on the Aton using a micro SD card. Any decent micro SD card will work. You download the update file to your pc, then transfer it to the micro SD card. Make sure you format the card before hand. If your pc does not have a slot for a micro SD card, buy the card with the SD adapter, which is what I use.
    The instructions for the update are on the Traxxas site... Just follow those instructions. It is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes or so.
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