I have been a longtime member of RCCRAWLER.com and have been into crawlers for the last 18 months or so. When I saw the 8S X-MAXX I had to have it. Itís a great truck and a lot of fun - provided you have the room to run it. When I saw the UDR I fell in love with the combination of scale looks, scale driving characteristics and frankly, the speed.

So I bought on yesterday, March 26. The FOX ORANGE AND WHITE style rig. My thoughts:

The pictures and videos do not properly express how orange the orange really is. Think 90s ďhotĒ colors like ďhotĒ pink. This is not a negative in my opinion. In fact I have 4 orange rigs and the colors on the UDR both refined and exciting. The rig is simply beautiful!!! You can look and see what others think of the scale details, but they look great. One quibble I have is that I think I will paint the oil holders in the back for a little more scale appearance. It bothers me that they are so prominent and yet they are so.... gray. But I digress...

Another thing no one has mentioned...when you open the box the smell of new rubber is intoxicating. Itís a mix of traditional RC rubber but there is a hint of something else, maybe tennis balls? I donít know, but the rig smells as good as it looks. And yes, I know that the previous sentence seems odd and yes again, I know that this is my first post in this forum. All I am saying is that every ounce of the unboxing reminded this 38 year old of the joys of a younger time when smells were part of sport and play.

After quickly snipping the tires and reading the manual, I was out the door.

About those tires.... they are NOT grip tires. In fact they may be the hardest compound RC tires I have ever seen. I donít think this is a bad thing because the beast drifts like an animal. OMG, The driving dynamics are unlike anything else that I own. My highly modified Yeti Is a pig compared to the UDR. The X-MAXX will lift the inside front tire around turns. But the UDR simply slides around like something out of Grand Turismo. It is exceptionally easy to drive and drive fast.

Now in fairness, it was raining heavily today in Dallas and I was so excited to drive the UDR that I took it out in the cul-de-sac and backyard. I will take it out to a few larger areas (hopefully this weekend) but I hope everyone can understand that I had to see how it drove first so I know where to run it.

I ran 2 5500 4S GensAce packs through it.

First, the rig didnít grip well at all in the soping wet clay soil. No dirt was stuck to the tires and the tires didnít bit into the ground. Thatís a little atypical because the X-MAXX rips up earth and my crawlers bite into the ground too. The tires are really a low grip set of pieces. On many RCs that would be fatal. But on the UDR IT IS GLORIOUS!

The UDR is large - as everyone knows. If you donít have hundreds of feet in all directions to run it I donít know how anyone could use it on 6S. I think 4S probably results in a speed in the high 30s. It feels faster than that though because it has so much mass. My MT4 runs a 14 tooth pinion, castle 2200 motor and Losi 2XL-e rims and tires. It will run 44 MPH on 4S. This is not as fast, but it is very very well controlled.

Driving the UDR is intoxicating. You will read reviews of people saying you drive it with the throttle - you do. To put that into common language, the rig pushes like crazy until you break the rear loose. The rear end also only seems to lose grip under power. Thatís different than my MT4 where I have it set up so that if I flick the brakes and turn the rest end will begin to rotate.

The result is that you are rewarded with greater control if you drive more aggressively. In fact you are rewarded with glorious glorious drifts that last a mile and the rest end comes around slowly so you can make long sweeping turns. Since the rubber tires are hard you can do it guilt free too!!

The UDR without stability control is a bit of a handful as it wants to do donuts on non-level ground. Stability does its thing very well though. I found that today the best setting was to keep the multifunction know at the 10:00 position. That would help me to see the driving dynamics and learn what the rig wants to do without any interference.

The one shortcoming of this rig is that it doesnít have a very good approach angle. Since the suspension is so plush even minor curbs resulted in a thundering crack on the front skid plate. However, watching the suspension work at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle is increasingly satisfying for a scale guy (who still likes speed!) like me. The shocks are softly damped which means that the tires can move over anything and they do!

As a comparison I have a walkway that is made up of slate slabs with decomposed granite between them. Since Iím low on the granite fill the slabs have gaps of about 1 inch wide and 1 to .5 inches deep. I love driving my scalers over it to see the wheels fall in the gaps and the suspension work. I have a MST CFX-W that I used to build a custom Unimog. It runs 2.2 tires and since I brazed a steel sub-chassis out of 1/2Ē square rod, and THEN built the tubing and hard body on top of that, itís a heavy pig. (BTW - although it looks great the center of gravity was a nightmare. I had to load it up with brass and 1/4 oz wheel weights to make it drivable again.

The UDR is far more satisfying to drive on the granite slabs than any of my crawlers. Sure the wheels and tires are larger, but the truth is that the suspension is just better. The UDR gives me all the speed I want, all the scale I want, and is easy to drive in a way that makes me look like a hero. Honestly, you feel like you should wear a cape when driving this thing. When i drive my X-MAXX I always have a voice in the back of my head telling me that I should be careful and rests the temptation to fully accept that i can drive over ANYTHING at ANY SPEED. Itís not perfectly satisfying.

The UDR is the most fun rig I own. I think the key is large (very large) open spaces, varied terrain, and minimal obstacles that provide an opportunity to outline a racing line and try to get the fastest line around a corner. The only thing the rig hates is sharp turns at about 7 MPH while not under power. That flips it every time.

So if you think the UDR is amazing to drive - it is. If you think the UDR looks amazing - it does. I think the UDR is an industry game changer that has carved out a new segment that combines high speed bashing with scale appeal. Tip of the hat to TRAXXAS as they seem to be unstoppable these days.

Happy to respond to questions from the community, but a full open land review will have to wait until this weekend, provided the wife lets me have some ME time.