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Thread: Steering servo

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    Steering servo

    Since there seems to be a elephant in the room I guess I'll bring it up. Pretty much everything I have been reading says the out of the box servo is trash. I'll be picking my rig up tomorrow and want to get a servo on the way for it. What is everyone thinking about going with?

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    I have a spare Savox SB-2271SG thats still brand new that I bought a few years ago... Was planning on using that ever since the UDR was announced.

    Bujt then I was browsing Amain few days ago for something in an aluminum case, and now my options are down to either the ProTek RC 150S or ProTek RC 170SBL.

    I'm leaning towards the 170 SBL

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    Anything would be better then stock, you donít need anything with crazy torque, a savox 1258 would be fine

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    I would say to look at the Savox 1210sg, it's strong enough & waterproof. If you need a faster servo, the 1211sg is the faster of the two, with a little less torque & still waterproof to handle those wet running days.

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