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    DTS-1 Problem Someone Help

    Well i set it all up in my house completely but i have one problem. when i set up a race left side always wins even if i set it to right side only it will only blink if i touch the left lane lights. anyone know about this?
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    Hi I have the DTS-1 Drag System myself... Well your 1st mistake is you set it up in your house... I made that mistake when I got my DTS-1 I set it up in my Garage. I found out there is not adequate room for the Lasers to properly read themselves in the Yellow reflectors. So what I did is take my DTS-1 out to a big parking lot & set it up & had NO issues with it... The DTS-1 is touchy & takes time to setup the Lasers correctly Hears what you do

    1. Use a Big Flat open Parking lot ( Free of Cars or an area cars will not impede your setup of the DTS-1 )
    2. Be patient set aside at least 20-30 minutes for setup this is not a 5 minute job & take a Friend along too if you can
    3. Take a Tape measure with you
    4. Setup your Starting line first place your Yellow Reflectors @ least 4 feet away MIN from each other & adjust the Laser Beam ( On the side of the Reflectors there are lines the lasers need to be in ) once you got them adjusted turn the Reflector facing forward so the lasers SEE EACH other Starting Console & Reflector
    5. Do the same with your Finish line as you did with starting line
    6. Hit the button on top of the starting tree ( I think it's the Mode button ) Use 2 Cars if possable Roll up to the staging beams the Lasers should pick up the presence a car has broken the beam & you should see the Pre-Stage Lights come on. Pre-Stage & Stage Car & once Green is displayed GO the starting Tree should Blink what side lane was the winning car....

    If you don't get it on your 1st try... Try again... It took me over hour & a half to set my DTS-1 up properly but after you setup the DTS-1 a few times its EASY I can set up my DTS-1 now in about 20 minutes & my Friends & I have a blast with it..... FYI keep your Reflectors DECENTLY SPACED out @ a MIN of 4 FEET... Safety Reasons DO NOT SETUP NARROW RACE LANES & make sure to use the Finish Line RAMP... 1 of my Son's Friends lost control @ the Finish & if it WAS NOT FOR THAT RAMP he would Crashed into the Console.... NEED any other help drop me a PM message & we can exchange Cell #'s & I walk you though everything
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