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    What RC would be best for a kid? Something strong

    Looking to by my son a rc which would be best for a young kid?

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    I have to recommend a rustler or slash. The rustler is great because it's almost the same thing as a bandit and a stampede. All 3 are basically the same truck. The only difference is the chassis for the most part. This means parts are cheap and easy to come by and support is there.

    The slash is super popular and therefore again, parts and support are great. Many tracks have a class just for the slash and if that class doesnt exist, a short course class will certainly exist so your son can grow into racing if he chooses.

    I will say, however, that 1/8 vehicles are much better bashers. They can tolerate sand, grass, and rocks. 1/10 vehicles would struggle in most of these terrains.

    So if you wouldnt mind getting him a bigger, heavier, and more expensive 1/8, the e-revo would be my choice. It would be more versatile and able to bash in more places. But it would cost more to maintain and keep. Remember it has 2 batteries and weighs several pounds more.

    A revo going full speed into someones car is gonna do more damage than a rustler lol.

    I say start with a brushed slash and move up from there.
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    If you can afford it, the Stampede 4X4 is extremely durable. Mine is ancient and I have never broken anything yet.

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    I'll second the brushed 2wd slash or rustler, put it in training mode until comfortable. Those trucks can withstand almost anything! When my son was younger (5 or 6 I think) he used to love driving my slash of the second story balcony. Darn thing was a tank. Show pictures to your kid and see which truck he likes best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stampedejim View Post
    If you can afford it, the Stampede 4X4 is extremely durable. Mine is ancient and I have never broken anything yet.
    I'll second this, in training mode, only allows 50% throttle, slow enough for a 5yo fo drive. Brushed system is durable, chevron tires get good traction, 4x4 hou can have fun in snow and ditches. Motors are only $22 if you burn one up. Few friends have them and besides body's, they haven't broken 1 part.

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    I bought my son a rustler xl5, ones he got use to it I upgraded him to a brushless motor. And for my daughter I got her a slash 2wd brush, she still needs more time before she gets a brushless motor. Both have been good rc for them. My daughter is not that into it as my son and I are so that is something to consider. Either way you cant go wrong with rustler slash/44 or stampede/44. Just have fun

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    X-maxx 8s if you have the funds. Those things are bomb proof!

    I put my son in a slash 2wd. I removed the brushless setup and put in a brushed rock crawler motor. With the right gearing it barely reaches 10mph.
    The advantage of the 2wd vehicles is that kids are going to run into curbs. The 2wd vehicles have little in the front to be damaged.


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    With me is Max Traxxx R/C remote control. Both my boys, ages 5 and 11, LOVE this track. The cars are quick, the track is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of designs, including an upside down loop or no loop, and the light-up feature is great, particularly in a dark space. In general, I'm very pleased with it.

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