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    Looking at the protrac suspension as an add on for a stampede vxl any suggestions to this or a better up grade to prevent roll overs thanks

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    Lower your truck a lot by installing fuel tubing on the shock shaft inside the shocks.

    Buy wider, more offset wheels and use wider wheel hexes.

    Unfortunately, these things love to roll over and you wont be able to do much about it.
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    MaXXL has some good ideas for you!

    You could do the wide mod? That consists of purchasing wide rpm front a-arms and then using four front wheels on all four corners. Search this idea for the parts (including the steering links and the front camber links.) I did the wide mod on a few stampedes and it helped a lot!

    You could use the outside lower shock mounting positions to lessen the roll...

    You could use some stiffer springs as well as some heavier shock fluid...

    You could pick up a slash 2wd LCG chassis and convert it to a monster slash!? It will hardly ever roll over with that!

    You could mount the battery on the underneath of the chassis...kind of weird.

    One of the reasons I like P2des so much is their tendency to wheelie and roll makes it super fun and challenging.

    You may need to pick up another RC! HAHAHAHA! Rustler/Bandit/SlashLCG would be good!

    Oh, and WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!!!
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    Do the wide mod and put front offset tires on the front and rear. Lowering monster trucks (and still using them offroad) hasent worked well for me but who knows. The stampede is a very top heavy and narrow truck. As stated above, it loves to wheelie and flip over. Im in the process of building a monster slash right now.
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    I agree with Synnergy. Go with RPM wide front arms. Here:
    This link will tell you all the parts needed to widen that Stampede out. I love my wide P2de!
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    Thanks for the advise people just picked up a lcg slash on ebay I will try some of these ideas for my pede though

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