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    Tmaxx driving problem

    Hey guys I have an older Traxxas tmaxx with a newer 3.3 engine and an original transmission. My issue is that the engine runs flawlessly but when I apply power the car moves but only slowly. It wines like the gears are striped and it only drives at about 10-15 mph which I know is a problem. I have already disassembled the transmission only to find no stripped gears or anything obvious like that. After that I decided to ask the smart people in the community. If you guys know what is wrong with my car I would love your answer or even just a smart opinion.

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    Sounds like your slipper clutch. An easy way to test this is to hold your truck still on the ground and try to spin the spur gear by hand. If the spur can rotate with little effort while the truck hasnt moved, your slipper should be rebuilt.

    The older slipper clutches were not designed with 3.3 power in mind so many times they fail.

    You kust need to replace the friction pegs and maybe the metal discs on either side of the spur.

    Also, make sure it isnt trying to start off in second gear. If it is, then try adjusting the shift point to shift later. If that doesnt work it could be the second gear one-way bearing that has frozen up.

    The slipper is the easiest thing to diagnose and repair however so i would start there.
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    If it's the black tranny a new slipper locknut and using 12 of the red pegs instead of 6 will help a lot... +1 sounds like the slipper to me too...

    Those locknuts use nylon on them to lock down with, the nylon eventually wears allowing it to back off.... Common especially if it has been adjusted a lot, put o cross threaded or just worn with maintenance...
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