Hi, I recently got back into the hobby after seeing the announcement of the ERevo 2.0 and the UDR. Ive had over 100 RCs and over 20 Traxxas models, my pinaccle and biggest regret was selling my Xmaxx 8s. Ive forced myself not to buy another, and was looking at either a ERevo 2.0 or UDR.

Initially I was dissapointed with the ERevo 2.0, its too similar to the old one, and has the same flaws as the gen 1, so my focus shifted to the UDR.

They came into stock in to my semi local modelshop in the UK, I drove 20 miles with the £840 on me. Id even bought the 3s lipos ready. They had 15 in stock and one on display. He gave it to me and I was very dissapointed at how small it was! It was barely different to a SLASH 4X4 from a distance. I liked the feel and quality, but I dont feel its big enough? Its ridiculously expensive for its size compared to its ‘competitor’?

I think what I really want is another XMaxx, but it’ll be my fourth. Can anyone who owns both sway me into a UDR?