I bought a new Traxxas Stampede last year for my son. He played it a few times. Yesterday when he tried to play it again, we found out the battery is out. I tried charging the battery with Traxxas EZ Peak but the led just keeps going up and down without any error and the start button does not turn blue. It looks like the charger doesn't even recognize the battery has been plugged in. We haven't charge the battery for a while since he last played it (several months).

So now I am thinking maybe the battery itself has low voltage that the charger doesn't detect it. Is there a tool/charger that can revive it?

Usually with regular AA nimh battery, I can jump start it using this method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICne0ZyZ3IA. Is there a similar way of doing this with Traxxas battery?

Thank you