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    Lightbulb Brushless 2wd Stampede suggestions???

    So I have turned my old stampede into brushless! Almost new everything, suspension, trans, castle motor with sv3 3800kv. I'm getting close to the finish line on this thing, and im trying to decide on wheels, transmitter and receiver. I just picked up a set of Proline Chisel 2.2 tires for a decent price. My LHS told me to pair them with some beadlock wheels. Is that something I should do, or should I stick with some wheels that I glue on? Its not necessarily going to be a rock crawler, its more for bashing around. I'm not too smart on these things, but he suggest I glue the beadlocks on to help support them. Too me I feel that defeats the purpose of beadlocks. Could anyone give me suggestions. I want to make sure I order the appropriate items before listening to just one persons opinion. All help is needed! Thank you!

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    i handled some beadlock rims and was surprised how heavy they were. I'd stick with regular glue-on, I had enough bent axles, rods , etc. without that extra weight. I like the look of beadlocks a lot. They were more expensive as well.

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