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    Unhappy Compas not healthy

    So i recently replaiced the flight controll board and the gps because of bad crash. Everything back together, all 4 lights come on but wont arm and the app says pre flight compas not healthy. I cant calibrate the compas. Any ideas?

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    Do the other calibration features, and other parts of the app work correctly? There is a chance that if the crash was bad enough, the blue tooth module was damaged and might be giving faulty errors? Most who have issues with the blue tooth after a crash have said it just stopped working, so it's a long shot that this is the case.
    If you are sure you installed the board correctly, and that other other electronics were not damaged... It might be best to call Traxxas and ask them for assistance with this. Their support people are amazing and I am sure they will know what to do.
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    Download the update file from the firmware section of the website and try to update the firmware. Even if the version says it's the same give it a shot just to see what happens. I would download a new file just to be safe.

    You can use the override procedure listed on the firmware page to force the update and if something is corrupted it should correct it.

    Then go through the three calibrations in the app.
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