Hi everyone! I recently bought a used Traxxas Telluride and decided to upgrade it a bit. Itís my first RC. This forum was extremely helpful so I decided to give something back.

Iíll quickly run through the upgrades: Tqi with bluetooth and all three sensors. The radio was replaced with the 5 channel TSM receiver. Rpm sensor required the slipper clutch so I changed that and the pinion gear and replaced the center drive shaft with the aluminum one. I had to replace all drive shafts and the entire steering section and the titan 550 motor due to their bad shape. I replaced the steering with TRA6830X.

I wanted to protect the body so I decided to add the 1/10 summit exo cage. It fits great once I shortened it by 5.4cm. I sawed the cage just between the holes of the frontmost roof crossbar. I then drilled new holes and now the crossbar kinda holds the front and back of the exo cage together. I taped the 4 other joints since no glue seems to hold. I didnít screw the cage into the body since its such a good fit after I installed summit roof lights. I also installed stampede headlights I taped the exo cage to the body from the bottom and it helps to keep it in place. The cage actually makes the car a bit fiddly in higher speed turns since it makes the roof heavier.

I replaced the tires with pro line badlands 2.2/3.0. This was widely recommended. What no one told me was that those tires donít fit when I turn the wheels if I donít move the front suspension inwards. Drilling new holes for the front suspension was recommended in a couple of posts anyway so I did that.

All of the above worked easily and I had no problems with them but here comes the part that was tricky: I wanted to add OBA (on board audio). I bought the three channel tqi transmitter and a new OBA module from ebay, since they donít sell the OBA in stores. I used a waterproof Visaton 2918 8 ohm speaker. I took the power for the OBA straight from the battery and the sounds worked immediately loud and well.

Then came the problem. If I accelerated slowly, throttle worked. If I used full throttle, the throttle worked. If I went straight into 3/4 throttle the sounds worked but the car barely moved. Clearly the OBA messed the throttle signal. Using a separate battery for the OBA helped. Also if I disconnected the motor, the xl-5 esc seemed to get the throttle signal (the red light goes off).

I then added a capasitor and a diode between the battery and the OBA and the problem went away! So the load from the motor when using a new nimh 8.4v battery apparently dropped the voltage so that the OBA got messed up. But with full throttle the signal somehow got through without the capasitor. Iíd guess a lipo battery would also have helped since Iíve understood that their voltage doesnít drop under load.

But thatís it! I really hope this helps someone trying to get their OBA working.