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    Boom racing spiral diff gears

    Put some of these in my electric converted Slayer, I would not recommend them, took about a month from Hong Kong plus the gear mesh is way too tight, I had to leave the ring gear and the diff housing bolts slightly loose to prevent the gears from binding. After figuring that out I still had one of the two gear sets bind in the same spot in a 360 degree rotation. I used a spool in the rear diff and the stock diff in the front. Tried swapping the gears between the front and back but the intermittent binding was still there on the one set of gears. I thought about taking a bit off the backside where the bearing seats but the lathe I have access to is a little too large. It took a while before I could test them out when I found the front bulkhead was cracked from a hard hit I suppose. I bought the Slayer used (pretty used up in fact) just to convert to electric. I would like to hear from anyone else's experience with this brand but I would not risk buying any more of their gear sets myself.

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    You may have to use some lapping compound to get the gears to mesh properly.

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    Never heard of them until now; I guess no reason to either. Traxxas sells their own spiral cut gears.
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