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    Question on the module and app

    If Iím reading correctly on this?

    Out of the box, putting in the module letís me make changes to settings such as steering end points without having to set them via the menu in the controller.

    Do those changes also include changing the mode? So from the esc I hold the power button to get the corresponding flashing light then let go, in the app can I change the modes from 1 to 5 on the trx-4 for example?

    Would you advise getting the temp module as well to keep an eye on running temps?

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    You can change steering endpoints and just about everything that has to do with the servos. Only the throttle and steering have endpoint adjustments and expo I think it’s called. The lockers and high low servo channels do not have any adjustments other than reversing. You will not be able to change what mode the speed controller is in from the link app that you can only do from on the speed controller.
    I had the volt/temp sensor already so I use it on my trx4. It’s kind of nice to check your voltage to so you have an idea where it’s at. I put the temp sensor around the motor.

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